Aircraft New for 2020-2021

 For a few selected shows in 2019

Requirements for Killer Bee

Fuel: Jet-A / JP8, 125 gal. per flight performance

Full Fuel for Departure

Smoke oil: 15 gal. per performance

Gas: #4A/N fitting Nitrogen 2,200 p.s.i.

  #3A/N fitting Oxygen 2,200 p.s.i.

Hangar: wing 42f x length 30f x height 10f

Fees for Performing: $4,900 

Travel: $6.50 per mile airport to airport (charged one way from KBMC max travel distance one way 800 nm)

 Vampy Three

For 2021

The de Havilland Sea Venom.

West Coast only.