Show Requirements

 i. Fuel: The reimbursement to Vampire Airshows for fuel to and from the show location shall be included in the Appearance / Performance Fees, with the exception that the Client will top off the aircrafts fuel tanks prior to departure at no cost to Vampire Airshows. 

ii. Fuel used by the aircraft in performances will be provided to Vampire Airshows, (Approximately 115-125 gallons per performance) at no cost. 

iii. A 28 volt Start Cart is not required.

iv. Engine Oil: Four (4) quarts of Mobil Jet II (MIL PRF 23699) oil shall be provided to at no cost. 

v. Smoke Oil: Shall be provided at no cost - 15 gallons per performance, (Corvis/ Canopus/or equivalent). 

vi. High Pressure Nitrogen, at 1800 psi at no cost. High pressure Oxygen (GOX) at 1800 psi if available.

vii. Aircraft shall be positioned in such a location as to allow the aircraft and a Vampire to be seen by the audience, and allow access by  Vampire Airshows sponsor and crew. 

viii. If the configuration of the show does not allow direct access to the aircraft, a location that shall be mutually agreed upon shall be acceptable. 

ix. Vampire Airshows shall be allowed to have access to spectators to sign autographs.

x. Vampire Airshows will require 4 all access passes for pilots / crew / sponsor. 

Please call if you need assistance.