Booking a show

 The following is the cost to have our Jet support your event. Select the aircraft requested, determine the mileage in a straight line from one of our airport (KPTK) or (KOGD) to your airport. Multiply the number of miles by the mileage fee from the aircraft selected. Next add the mileage fee to the appearance fee of the selected aircraft and you have your total cost.

Vampire Airshows flys airshows throughout the United States and Canada and may have an Aircraft in your area during the season, this could reduce your mileage charge. Always contact us to confirm your cost and the date availability. Special quotes available for charity shows.


Requirements for DH-115 Vampire

Fuel: Jet-A / JP8, 110-125 gal. per performance

Full Fuel for Departure

Smoke oil: 15 gal. per performance

Gas: #4A/N fitting Nitrogen 2,200 p.s.i.

  #3A/N fitting Oxygen 2,200 p.s.i.

Power: Ground Power Unit Not Necessary

Hangar: wing 38f x length 30f x height 10f

Fees for Performing: $4,900 for air show 

Travel: $6.50 per mile airport to airport (charged one way)

Vampire Airshows is a sole source, Wide Area Workflow, Approved Warbird, and Appropriated Funds.